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Advancements in sewing technology!


Custom sewing equipment developed for the production of various endovascular and biological based implatabe devices.

 In general, stents are prosthetic devices formed of a tubular body, the diameter of which can be decreased or increased. Stents are particularly useful for permanently widening a vessel that is either in a narrowed state, or internally supporting a vessel damaged by an aneurysm. Such stents are generally introduced to the body cavity by use of a catheter. There are presently two classes of stents in widespread clinical use categorized with respect to their mode of expansion: balloon expandable and self expanding.

In the past, aneurismal aortic disease has been treated almost exclusively by resection and surgical graft placement. In contrast to standard surgical repair, the use of endovascular devices does not entail the removal of the diseased aorta, but serves to create a conduit for blood to flow in the event of subsequent aneurysm rupture. Endovascular aortic prostheses under current commercial development consist almost exclusively of grafts and stents attached together to form a single device. The stent secures the graft in a desired position and reduced the risk of late migration.

Custom equipment designed for hard to sew products!



The contact components of the sewing device can be cleaned or replaced between lots to prevent cross-contamination. Reusable parts can be autoclaved. Disposable parts can be sterilized.

Small arm lockstitch sewing workstation 

Our small cylinder arm lockstitch sewing machine pictured above sews small tubes from the inside out with either a  301 or 304 lockstitch. This machine offers a very small arm combined with a auto feed (mechanical or electronic). For sewing tubular and hard to sew products,

 We offer Laboratory and clean room machines for sewing tubular medical devices :

 The feed and indexing is controlled by computer driven motors utilizing optical encoders to ensure precise placement of each stitch.

Vascular Deployment

We developed the sewing technology, and production sewing equipement used to manufacture endovascular deployment devices currently used in the human body and FDA approved.

Fixtures and clamps developed for the medical device industry.

We develop custom clamping devices to gently hold and precisely position your proprietary device as it is feed through the sewing workstation. Over the past 29 years we have made many sewing machine feet, feeding devices and custom tables and holding devices, suture tension devices and bobbin cases to enable sewing medical devices that previously could only be sewn by hand.


  Custom feet for vascular and Biological sewn products. We can make any type of foot out of any material required for sterilization and or disposable contact components.

Our Expertise in the sewing industry may help your company develop better stronger and more accurate devices.

Sewing Workstation classifications

 Clean room sewing equipment is developed for constant use in a clean production setting.

laboratory sewing equipment is made considerably larger for use in research and development. The size of many parts is large enough for modifying as the sewn product is developed. This allows us to further customize the sewing equipment to meet the changing requirements of the sewn product. This method of sewing equipment development can save a lot of money and time by tailoring the sewing equipment  over time to the evolving sewn product before regulatory requirements have been set. In most cases the laboratory sewing equipment will not have the same metal treatment as clean room sewing workstations.

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