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We are an innovative firm that has had extensive experience solving a wide variety of types of Sewing Industry problems. We are true problem solvers with extensive resources. Our complete machine shop is supplemented with computer technology. We know the Industries that comprise the Sewing Industry and have a great deal of knowledge about the evolving new products that need sewing expertise.

If you have:

A need for a HIGH TECH MEDICAL use sewing machine. We specialize in crafting one of a kind sewing machines;

A machine that you have been told cannot be fixed, click her

A work force that needs training, click here;

A need for a conference speaker, click here;

A need for a consultant, click here;

A broken machine part that is no longer available, click here;

A machine that needs to be speeded up, slowed down, or adjusted in some way, click here;

Above all, FEEL FREE to to give us a call to discuss your problem. We do not charge for giving advice over the telephone. In fact, we sort of enjoy the experience.

Phone: (415) 665-3447 FAX: (415) 661-4586 E-Mail

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