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Sewing Machine Parts Repair

Exciting new service can save you thousands of dollars on sewing machine parts.

Micro Arc Welding currently retips sewing hooks and loopers ( as well as repairing other parts) back to original specs, as good as new- Guaranteed.

If you're tired of the ridiculous cost of new parts and are dissatisfied with inferior generic parts, we have the solution.

As ultraprecision microscopic welders, we are able to apply a detailed weld to an area as tiny as three-thousandths of an inch. We are capable of using wire roughly the diameter of a single strand of human hair. With thousands of alloys at our disposal we are able to pick a specific alloy to suit the type of repair your part requires. As a result, the repaired areas are stronger and more wear resistant than when they were new. We also have access to a complete state-of-the-art machine shop. This unique combination has allowed us to achieve the following results:

All for a realistic savings of 50 to 70% or more.

Micro Arc currently does work for companies throughout the U.S. and the world. Our customers include companies both large and small, some using thousands of parts per year and others using only one or two.

Micro Arc also backs its work with a 100% guarantee. Our guarantee assures that the repaired areas will perform as good as new and last as long as that of a new part.

If you have any questions or there are any parts we can quote for you, please contact us at:

Phone (508) 852-6125
or fax us at (508) 856-0434
or if you prefer Email: MicroArc1@aol.com