Sew Fine, LLC
San Francisco

Harry Shonteff

Industrial sewing consultant to the needle trades. Developing unique automated sewing machines used in the production
 of implantable medical devices.

Established in 1979- 2014
years in the industry!


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With the help of th Fogarty Institute for Innovation. Medical Sewing Solutions, LLC is developing novel sewing technologies for use in laparosopic surgical applications. The sewing machines under development are small and completely mechanical, offering surgeons the ability to place a continuous chain of stitches by pulling a trigger to produce each stitch. The designated stitch is the strongest and most elastic available, and the length can be determined stitch by stitch, as desired. In addition, the machines will work with a variety of suture and needle shapes and sizes.

There are many other possible applications for this sewing technology, including open surgical procedures, oral surgery, emergency wound care and veterinary medicine.

 The institute was Founded by Dr.Thomas J. Fogarty  an internationally recognized cardiovascular surgeon and inventor. During the past 40 years, he has acquired over 100 medical patents, including the “industry standard” Fogarty Balloon Embolectomy Because of the decreased risk associated with the device, it became the industry standard. It is still the most widely used catheter for blood-clot removal today and has been used in over three hundred thousand procedures every year all over the world. It is estimated to have saved the lives and limbs of approximately fifteen million patients.
One of Fogarty’s most successful products is the Stent-Graft. This dealt with the difficult problem of abdominal aortic aneurysms, which is a term referring to a weakened blood vessel. The old method was to remove the bad part of a weakened blood vessel, but Fogarty’s idea was to support it with an implant. He used a stent, a thin polyester tube that grabs onto the blood vessels. A catheter transports the stent to the weakened blood vessel, and once the balloon is inflated, the stent expands to the size of the blood vessel, and blood flows normally.  This widely used Aneurx Stent Graft that replaces traditional open abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) surgery. He also invented the Fogarty Clamp, which is used in cardiac surgeries. Dr. Fogarty is often referred to as the Thomas Edison of Medicine.



Patent pending

Hand held sewing machine2013     Hand Held set 2013

This sewing technology can be adapted to numerous handle configurations

Sew Fine, LLC

Harry Shonteff

Re inventing the art of sewing
 Sew Fine, LLC is a small invention shop located in the hills of San Francisco. Specializing in the development  automated sewing machines used in manufacturing of medical devices. Our sewing machines are custom made not converted and are clean room compatible. Numerous FDA approved implantable and biological devices are manufactured using our sewing technologies. Harry (Founder) works as an industrial sewing consultant offering:
Most medical devices are designed then prototyped using hand stitching. When the product goes into production often there is no sewing technology capable of producing the correct stitch in the required locations.  Class 3 medical device manufacturing is generally a combination of new technologies and highly skilled hand sewing operations. This combination of talent and technology is used to produce finished implantable devices. It is often the case that as more sewn product is required hand sewing can not keep up with the production flow. Many medical devices manufacturers have replaced much of the hand sewing with automated sewing equipment often utilizing  vision guided robotic sewing machines. This offers a  large reduction in manufacturing time, reduced labor related injuries, and a more precise sewn product. As each stitch is positioned by computer controlled motors. Also suture tensions can be monitored / controlled and digitally recorded for backup data on every stitch.
Sew Fine, LLC specializes in developing equipment for sewing small tubular devices .500 and under.  We also we have methods for sewing very small (.040) tubular device for the stent graft industry's.
 We are interested in working on extremely challenging sewing applications. If you have a sewing project that can not be sewn with conventional sewing technology I would be happy to work with your team to develop a automated solution to your sewing challenges.

Harry Shonteff
Sew Fine, LLC
Medical Sewing Solutions, LLC
San Francisco



301 Lockstitch machines 


     tube.gif        clamp.JPG

  205 hand stitch                                                                                            2 thread 502 stitch


Common class 3 stitch placements



                                                            Double pointed needle 205 hand stitch                              301 lockstitch small arm






Harry Shonteff
Sew Fine, LLC
San Francisco, CA


Reference and Educational pages provided by Sew Fine, LLC
Reference Information: (Industrial sewing equipment types) and Listings of thousands of sewing equipment dealers
 from around the world advertising on our pages: Also information relating to antique sewing machines.


Industrial Categories:

Garment Production Machines
: Lockstitch, Single or Double Needle Lockstitch, Cylinder Arm, Flatbed.
Leather & Heavy Needle Work Machines: Lockstitch / Chain stitch / Chain lock, Flatbed-Single or Double Needle,
               Cylinder Arm , Feed off the arm, Feed up the arm, and Post Bed machines.

Heavy Duty Zigzag Machines: Lockstitch and Zigzag. Used for sails, tents, tarps, shoes and webbing
Harness and Saddle Equipment Information:
Embroidery & Monogramming Machines: Chain Stitch, Top Feed and Zigzag Monogramming.
Sergers: Three Thread, Four Thread (Mock Safety) and Five Thread (Safety Stitch) and six thread for
               overcastting edges.

Blind stitch Machines: One or Two Thread Blind stitch (Blind stitch and Lockstitch Blind stitch).
Automated Machines and Equipment: Pocket Welters, Pocket Sewers, Automobile airbags and more.
Special Purpose Machines: Hat Machines, Bag Closers, Chain lock and Multi-needle Machines, vascular equipment.
Button Machines: Button Sewers, Tackers and Buttonhole Machines.  
Feed Off the Arm & Coverstitch Machines:
Flat lock, Feed Off the Arm and Coverstitch Machines.  
Carpet Serging, Binding and Cutting Machines
: Binders, Fringers, Sergers, Carvers, Cutters and Bevellers.
Textile Measuring, Inspecting, Cutting & Folding Equipment
Finishing Machines: Steam Presses, Air Finishers, etc.
Cutting: Cutting Machines, Tables, Spreaders, CADs & Slitters, etc.
Parts for Dealers: New and used parts for sewing machines and industrial equipment.
Industrial Stands  
Industrial Sewing Machine Repairs
, Consultant Services , Financing
  Overhead Electrification Systems

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